A Brush With Fame

A Brush With Fame book cover

Chapter One


The alarm went off at 4 a.m., leaving me one hour to complete my morning routine, then drive to the movie studio.

After I’d put my hair up, I washed my face and prepped it for makeup. Removing the wand from the mascara bottle, I applied a layer to my lashes, paying close attention to avoid clumps. My job was making people appear glamorous, so my own makeup had to be flawless. And the perfectionist in me insisted I present myself as well-groomed and current with fashion trends.

Next, I dabbed some light tinted moisturizer on the back of my hand before taking out a foundation brush and blended it onto my face and neck. I’m glad I was blessed with a clear complexion, so I’ve never needed much. The finishing touches were to powder my face, apply burgundy lip gloss, and spray perfume on my wrists.

Back inside my bedroom, I removed my Victoria’s Secret black robe and picked up the sheer navy wraparound dress off my bed. I moved to stand in front of the full-length mirror and adjusted the sash around my waist, making sure everything looked professional. To complete the outfit, I stepped into my designer heels and fastened the straps across my feet.

Playing around with my hair, I turned to study my reflection to see how the different styles looked. Making a final decision, I took hold of my hair and placed all of it over one shoulder, smoothing out any tangles. After one last smile in the mirror, I left the bedroom to head to the kitchen.

I was going to be standing most of the day, so I’d need energy. Coffee was a priority. While waiting for a cup to brew, I picked up my phone. A notification showed that Andria texted last night, but I decided I’d read that later. I thought I should text Ty, though. He wouldn’t be awake yet, but I thought I might not get another chance to talk to him during the day.

After typing out a message to him, I sent: I’m subbing today. This could be my big break into the movie industry 😀 Wish me luck. You might not hear from me till after work. Hugs.

Good thing Andria had helped me to prepare some by watching a movie award show the night before. Since I never avidly followed celebrities, I wasn’t sure what all The Receiver’s cast looked like. We saw the two leads, (heartthrobs) Evan Hutchinson and Rachel Cards. They were honored at the awards show for their onscreen kiss in The Calling, which was out last year. The Receiver was the sequel. Andria tried to spot any other actors in the film who might appear during the show, just in case I were to be assigned one of them the next day.

It frustrated me none of my previous subbing jobs had led to anything permanent, and I didn’t want to worry. However, I felt like I should be grateful that sub work, while not lucrative, did pay my bills. Fortunately, I was debt free—courtesy of my parents having financed my education. And thank goodness my savings was substantial enough to fall back on.

I finished my coffee, grabbed my bags, and was out the door. On the way to the car, I stopped off at the mailbox. I’d filled out my response card for my reunion, and it was ready to be sent off. I hesitated. Then I forced myself to toss it into the outgoing mail slot.

Once I got settled in the car, I was on my way. I needed to find a warehouse according to the woman who hired me over the phone last night. Apparently, the movie sets were built inside it.

It only took about twenty minutes before I found the right building, and parked in the garage located across from it. Quickly, I grabbed my things, locked up the car, and headed to the set.

As I walked toward security at the front of the building, I noticed devoted fans standing behind barricades.Security stopped me to see my I.D., and after my name was found on the list, I was cleared into the building. A reception desk was inside the front doors.

While the receptionist processed my paperwork, I fumbled around in my purse to make sure I hadn’t left my phone in the car. I found it at the bottom, but in my search, I managed to knock my pen to the floor. Before I could pick it up, the receptionist stuck her hand out with my I.D. and proceeded to give me directions to find the key makeup artist.

After thanking her, I started down the dimly lit hallway but made it only half way when I remembered my pen. I stopped, and as I turned around, was startled to see a guy, casually dressed in a T-shirt, jeans, and wearing a baseball cap, smiling at me. I hadn’t realized anyone had been that close behind me. Once I recovered from my surprise, I noticed his hand was extended toward me.

Yours?” he asked.

It took me a moment, but I soon realized he had my pen in his hand. “Yes.” I looked at his face and saw an amused expression.

That pen is kind of impressive,” he said as he handed it to me. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give it back.”

I looked at the pen now in my hand to see if it was the one I’d dropped. Yep, I was holding my basic, black pen.

He grinned and waited for my response. His smile warmed me over.

Okay, I’ll play along.You think this pen is extraordinary?” I teasingly raised an eyebrow as I held it up for his inspection.

His grin got wider as he nodded. “A true beauty.” He laughed, acknowledging he knew how ridiculous he sounded.

“All right, then. I sure wouldn’t want to part with something this special. However, I should hurry now, but thank you for returning it to me.”

He looked at me curiously. Where are you going?”

“Oh… I’m working on the set today.” Is this guy British? Because he’s talking like he is.

I see.” He fidgeted with his hat.

So, I asked, “Are you part of the movie crew?”

He stared at me with kind of a funny expression, then said, “No, I’m not. Let me ask you this since you seem to have knowledge of this film. Is it any good?”

I stared while he licked his lips, momentarily forgetting what he’d asked me.

He continued, “I mean if you’re part of it, I might want to be, too.”

If I’m part of the production, then you want to be, too? What? When I didn’t react, he laughed. What’s going on?

“Um. I believe the first movie did well at the box office.”

Did it, now?” he asked. “Interesting…” He smiled again.

I glanced away, then looked back at him. “Yes. I’m sorry, but I’d better go.” I forced a smile before turning to leave. Security had to clear me, but they let that guy in?

My first stop was to the office of the key makeup artist, Cathi, who spent no time with me except to introduce herself. She directed me immediately to Kathy, the senior makeup artist, who would oversee my work. They had the same name, spelled differently per their I.D. tags. Well, at least I’d call them by the right name either way.

When I met with Kathy, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as every makeup department had their own way of doing things. Initially, she provided me with a brief but efficient rundown of whose makeup I’d oversee. She then gave me an instruction sheet, which I knew I was to pay close attention to.

“The makeup trailer was flooded a couple days ago, and we’re not going to repair it. The makeup artists are scattered into different rooms. I’ll show you yours,” Kathy said, sounding completely businesslike. “Follow me.”

Kathy escorted me to the room assigned to me. Inside, a makeup station had been set up: two chairs seated in front of a dresser topped with makeup.

Just as I was about to put my things down, Kathy cleared her throat. “We’re expected at a meeting. Production is speaking to the cast and crew.”

She handed me the room key and a business card containing contact information. I stuck them inside my purse, silenced my phone, and followed her to the meeting.

We entered a room full of people seated at scattered tables. Some were eating, while others were reading what appeared to be scripts. I found an empty seat at a table labeled “makeup” and was joined shortly by someone, who introduced herself as Lydia.

While waiting, I read Andria’s text from the night before: Wouldn’t it be exciting if you get assigned to do Evan Hutchinson’s makeup? He’s so hot.

I’m usually assigned extras, and Andria knew this. I typed out a response and sent: Yes, and possibly have lunch with him, too.

Someone loudly announced it was time to start the meeting and to get settled. Once it appeared all cast and crew had taken a seat, the production team began talking to us about this week’s scenes and what to expect. It wasn’t long before I tuned them out.

Andria had upset me a little last night with her questions and speculations about my relationship with Ty. But if things were great, why would her comments bother me?

“Dustin’s going to the reunion with me. Did you ask Ty yet?” she’d asked.

“Yeah. He’s agreed to go.”

“That’s good.”

“We’re doing our best at a long-distance relationship, you know.” I was sure I sounded defensive.

“You obviously liked each other enough to try it now for two months.”

“Four,” I corrected her.

“Right. Dustin told me he loves me,” she said, changing the subject.

“Oh, that was quick.” Very. She’d only been with Dustin four months.

“Has Ty said it to you?”

“Not yet.” I was quiet for a minute, considering why my relationship wasn’t at the same stage as hers. “The thing about Ty and me… It’s like we’re friends who have a romantic interest. I’m still getting to know him, so the relationship hasn’t had the proper time to progress much. But I like him enough to do this.”

“Has he slept over?” She was direct.



It felt like she was judging me, so I retorted, “Ty respects me by staying with his parents.” Also, he’d never attempted to stay the night.

“Okay. Sorry,” she mumbled, irritation in her tone.

Then I’d analyzed aloud when I hadn’t intended to. “I can’t figure out why we’re not at the next level. Is it me? Are my expectations too high?”

Her expression had softened. “No. You just haven’t met the right person yet.”

At Andria’s blunt response—and inadvertent comment on my present situation—I’d just stared at her. And I got the feeling she didn’t think Ty was right for me.

Production continued with boring announcements that still didn’t pertain to me. So, I scanned the room, knowing the main stars must be in here somewhere. Andria would like it if I made a point to see one.

I shifted my eyes to the right and thought I saw a guy looking my way. He smiled after our eyes locked. Then he took off his baseball cap and set it on the table beside him. I recognized him—he was that friendly weirdo from the hallway.

His brown-golden hair was going every which way. He also had long sideburns. His complexion was fair, with some red undertones. This was something I always noticed first, given my job was to match foundations. He had dark eyebrows and deep-set blue eyes. His nose was narrow, his lips reddish and thin, and he had a square jawline. In the brightly lit room, I could clearly see he was good-looking.

The guy turned to look at the director, who was now speaking. This move offered me the opportunity to look at his profile, and I realized he looked extremely familiar—not only from the hallway bump-in but also from somewhere else. For the life of me, however, I couldn’t remember where. It was going to drive me crazy if I couldn’t place him.

Production addressed the crew, so I turned my attention back to what was being said. I jotted down some notes, then stopped and stared at my pen. I looked back over at the guy and waited. It took him maybe half a minute, but he eventually looked back over at me. I held the pen up. And knowing now he was watching me, I twirled it in my fingers conspicuously. Then bringing it to my mouth, I lightly bit the end. I smiled, then casually looked away.

Without turning my head in his direction, I moved my eyes to look his way to gauge his reaction. Apparently, my attempt at some humor worked, because he appeared to be silently chuckling to himself.

I focused again on the director and caught his last few words, “… in addition to the award he has received, Evan was featured as a cover story this month. We are fortunate today to have one of the ‘sexiest men alive’ in the room with us. Having moved here from England a couple of years ago, Evan has immersed himself in the culture. He may sound quite American in his verbiage now. But his accent and occasional Britishisms leave us no doubt he is a true Englishman. I’m proud to have him be a part of this production. So, one and all, please offer him the reverence he deserves.” The director then bowed in jest, and the room exploded in laughter and applause.

Well, there was no doubt now Evan Hutchinson was in here somewhere. But as I turned my head to see where everyone’s attention was focused, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I knew what was about to happen. I sat stupefied as the person seated next to my pen guy patted pen guy’s back and said, “Way to go, Evan.”

He was urged to stand up. Running his hands through his messy hair, he looked over at me with a smile and winked. Too startled to react, I just stared.

“Pen guy” wasn’t the crew or even close to it—he was Evan Hutchinson, the lead in this movie. I now understood why he’d teased me. Is this film any good? Can I join it? My ignorance had seemingly amused him.

I couldn’t believe I’d just met Evan Hutchinson by accident. One of the most famous men on the planet, and I’d practically brushed him aside in my haste to get to work. I even saw him kissing on the award show last night. Apparently, I should’ve paid more attention.

But in my own defense, he did look different in person. Maybe it was the lack of makeup or the fact he was dressed in regular clothes. And then there was his hair… so messy. Why did I do that stuff with my pen?

For the remainder of the meeting, I kept my eyes on the front of the room only. I was more than relieved when the meeting was over and got out of there fast.

Back in the relative safety of my makeup room, I quickly began the process of organizing my things. I didn’t know how much time I’d have before someone showed up, so I set the brushes out and made sure they were clean.

A male cast member entered the room. He was sipping a soda and glided past me. As he slumped into the chair, I checked the makeup list for his name. Miles Jackson.

He didn’t bother to look in my direction, so I didn’t speak. When he took out his phone, I stood there uncomfortably. He finally looked at me.

“Would you close your eyes for me, please?”

Miles complied with my request and closed them. I worked briskly on him in silence. He never spoke to me, either. Once his makeup was done to my satisfaction, I let him know I was done. Just then Kathy showed up and looked him over to make sure his makeup was right, then rushed off.

Catch ya on set,” Miles announced, as he got up and walked out the door.

Well, Miles was certainly unfriendly. I’d seen one movie he’d been in, and it sucked. But I didn’t have time to dwell on his rude behavior because I was needed on set.

It wasn’t long before everyone was gathered on a living room set with the director. The makeup crew’s job was to keep an eye out for anything that needed fixing. Miles was my responsibility.

The current scene lasted a few minutes before the lights came back on. Almost immediately, the other makeup artists and the hair crew were running over to the actors to do touch-ups. It was chaotic, but I spotted Miles and dashed over to him. He was seated in a chair under some bright lights, face tilted upward, and apparently waiting.

When I reached him, I looked over his face and used powder where there was some shine. Meanwhile, someone else worked on his hair, combing and spraying as needed. Because we were working in such a confined space, the other workers kept bumping into me.

I’d just begun to bend over Miles to inspect his eyes when he suddenly stood up to greet someone. His arm knocked into me, sending me sideways. With my feet being awkwardly positioned, I couldn’t keep myself from falling. Suddenly, I found myself on the lap of the person seated next to Miles. I did my best to remove myself as fast as possible.

Turning to see who it was and apologize, to my surprise, I found myself staring into Evan Hutchinson’s blue eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Yes. I’m sorry,” I muttered, feeling embarrassed. “I got knocked over.”

Really?Did he need an explanation? Perhaps, I thought, I could reenact the fall in case he’d missed it. However, Evan didn’t seem the least bit fazed by having a woman drop out of nowhere into his lap.

He lowered his voice. “I’m not convinced it wasn’t intentional. Maybe you wanted to sit on me.”

“No,” I replied.


I shook my head. “What I meant to say is we sort of met earlier. I’m the girl with the penDid I just say I’m the girl with the pen?

He smiled and said, “Yes, I remember you.”

Evan appeared to want to say more to me, and this time I wanted to stick around to hear it. But we were loudly summoned back to our places by production.

Evan excused himself and got up to go. But before leaving, I heard him say in a voice so low only I could hear, “You can borrow my lap anytime.” He then hurriedly left for his scene.

I headed toward the set, completely stunned by Evan’s offer, even if he were only kidding. I mused to myself that I might sit on Evan’s lap and explain the lighting was better for applying makeup from that angle. And then I managed to bump into the boom operator. I apologized to him for my clumsiness.

Hi there,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve met. Is this your first time here?”

“It is.”

“I’m Joel.”

He extended his hand to shake, so I did. “I’m Rafaella.”

“Glad to have you on board.” Joel smiled warmly at me, so I returned the smile. “I’d better get back to work.” He then hurried off.

So, I returned my attention to the scene going on behind me. As I glanced over in the direction of the actors on the sidelines, I happened to catch Evan staring at me. His expression was intense, the smile gone, and he was rubbing one of his sideburns. I was about to acknowledge him, but at that moment, the director called him over to confer.

After another thirty minutes of filming, the current scene wrapped up. The actors were to break for a wardrobe change and makeup touch-ups. I headed back to the makeup room to wait for Miles.

This time Miles entered the room while talking on his phone. Leaning against the counter, I looked away as he sat down. Glancing toward the doorway, I saw someone else standing in it. My heartbeat quickened as I recognized who it was. Evan raked his fingers through his hair, and a small smile crept across his face. Coyly, I returned the smile.

So, does anyone know why I’m here?” Evan inquired loudly, as he walked into the room.

I tried my best to sound funny and asked, “To borrow my pen?”

Evan’s face turned mischievous, as he looked me in the eye. “Right. That, too. But I’m really here because the other makeup room was busy. I thought I’d see if perhaps you might be available?”

I knew Evan was the most important actor in the film, so there was no way he wouldn’t have been taken first in the other makeup room. Was it possible he switched intentionally to have me to do his makeup?

Sure. But I must ask you to take a number. As you can see, I’m swamped.”

At my second attempt at light humor, Evan bit his bottom lip with another amused expression. He was about to say something when his phone rang. He motioned “just a second” with his finger and made his way to the chair next to Miles and sat.

I moved over to Miles to figure out what to do for him and send him on his way. Now he was chomping on a candy bar.

A few moments later, I heard Evan say goodbye to his caller.

Who was that?” Miles asked, somewhat rudely.

My mum.”

Yeah? What did she want?” Now Miles appeared rude and nosy.

It didn’t stop Evan from responding, however. “She was on about mum things. You know—like ‘Stay away from junk food.’ ‘Add more vegetables to your diet so you don’t get sick,’” he feigned a humorously stern voice.

I couldn’t help but smile and realized Evan noticed. So, I turned away to grab a brush but peeked at him as I did. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw him smile. It had been easier in the hallway this morning when I didn’t know who he was. Now I felt self-conscious, like I didn’t deserve to be talking to him.

My musing was interrupted by a question. “Do you eat your vegetables?”

Huh? Did Evan just ask me if I eat vegetables?

Um… I eat a lot of salad. Does that count?”

He tilted his head and jokingly scowled. “You need more than just lettuce for it to count. Like, let’s propose you add tomatoes.”

“Yes. Good. Except tomatoes are a fruit.” Evan looked at me funny, so I explained further, “They have seedsWhat are you saying? What does it matter if a tomato is a vegetable or a fruit? Stop already.

“Right. Okay, tomatoes don’t count, then.”

Miles piped in completely out of nowhere with, “That reminds me, I’ve got to call my agent later.” Salad apparently reminds him of his agent. Whatever.

Trying to get everyone back on track, I asked, “Who wants to go first?” I held up the makeup brush and gave it a small shake.

Both looked up at me, then at each other.

You should go first,” Evan suggested.

This meant I’d be alone with Evan after I finished Miles. I agree—Miles should go first, then get out.

Turning to Miles, I directed my full attention on him. “We just need to fix your eyes,” I explained, trying to sound professional.

While I worked on Miles, the two of them visited. They discussed last night’s award show, and Evan commented on how tired he was. He seemed to be watching me, but when I’d look over, he’d look away.

When I finished working on Miles, he stood up, checked himself in the mirror, and seemed satisfied with my work. But he didn’t thank me.

I’ll be on set,” he uttered as he left the room.

“Thrilled” wouldn’t express how glad I was to see obnoxious Miles leave the room. But after he did, I turned my attention to Evan. Not having notes on him, I was hoping he could provide me with info on what he needed for his next scene.

But before I could begin, he spoke up. “You probably don’t know this, but I’m Evan Hutchinson.” He extended his hand.

Catching his playful tease, I shook his hand and laughed.I’m Rafaella Hamilton.”

“Rafaella.” He accentuated the different vowel sounds in ways I hadn’t heard my name pronounced before, and I liked the way it sounded. “I’ve never known a Rafaella. It’s… unusual.”

Yeah, it’s not common. There’s a clothing line with the name, I think.” Who cares if there’s a clothing line with my name? “So, am I just touching up your makeup?”

Yes. But do me a favor, please. Make sure I don’t look like a woman. The other artist plucked out most of my eyebrows last month, and I want them back,” he said with a scowl.

Okay, so less feminine? I think I can do that.”

Using an eye brush, I swirled some makeup on the back of my hand and started on one of his eyes. I was nervous, much like the first time I ever applied makeup on someone.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a makeup artist,” he said.

When I looked at Evan skeptically, he opened his disengaged eye and corrected his statement. “Not really. However, I’m sure it’s an interesting job.” Again, with one eye, he looked to see my reaction.

I laughed. “As being an actor must be interesting.”

Evan shrugged. “It’s difficult at times. I’m constantly being watched by fans anyplace I go.”

Mobbed is probably a better word for it.”

He now opened both of his eyes. “Yes,” he agreed with a laugh. “I’m grabbed a lot. Sometimes they ask me to do crazy things.”

Like what?” I probed.

Like when they ask me to sign their underwear. But mostly they want to touch me, which can be awkward.”

I’m sure.” I inspected Evan’s eye up close.

You didn’t know who I was, did you?” he asked, barely above a whisper.

I paused. We were staring awkwardly eye to eye, so I moved my face away. Evan waited for my response.

Sure, I did.” His look told me he knew I was lying. I laughed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t. And I feel pretty stupid about it. However, you did look familiar.”

I rather like that, though. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel unnoticed.”

“Well, in that case, you can hang out here with me anytime and feel like a nobody. And I’m just about finished,” I announced, as I swirled some powder under his jawline.

Thank you, Rafaella.”

Our eyes locked, and I grinned.

Maybe a second later, Kathy walked into the room, and she didn’t look happy. “I had to look for you. You notify someone when you switch to a different makeup artist,” she reprimanded. Kathy inspected his face and left.

Evan looked bug-eyed at me.I was worried I was in trouble.And he must’ve picked up on it, because he said, “Don’t worry about her, okay? She’s harmless. Anyway, I should get to the set. But I’ll see you for touch-ups. And tomorrow, I think I’ll let you put that purple stuff on me.” He pointed to a vibrant eyeshadow in my pallet as he headed toward the door.

Really?” I giggled. “Unfortunately, I’m only filling in for one day for the regular artist.”

“You won’t be back tomorrow?”

I shook my head.

“Oh. That’s too bad.” Then he winked at me before exiting the room.

I left shortly after Evan and got to the set as the next scene was taking place. I watched until the scene ended, at which point we all scurried to fix up the actors.

Evan raised his hand to get my attention and called out, “Rafaella.” He motioned for me to come touch him up, so I did. This was followed by about five more touch-ups throughout the morning.

At one point, Evan said, “Feel free to sit on my lap to fix my face.”

I laughed and dabbed his nose with one of my brushes in response. I got the impression Evan kind of liked me, even if the idea was somewhat preposterous. Regardless, he made my work enjoyable and the morning passed quickly.

As early afternoon approached, a thirty-minute lunch break was announced. Everyone was required to remain on site, so an elaborate spread was set up in the break room. I was relieved when Joel sat with me and chatted so I didn’t have to be alone.

During a lull in the conversation, I briefly scanned the room and noticed Evan out of the corner of my eye. He was sitting across the room and sharing a table with several women. I would intermittently catch him watching me, although I pretended not to notice.

After lunch, we were immediately summoned back to the set. The director gathered everyone together to give instructions. Evan came over and stood next to me while the director spoke. But he wasn’t smiling at me.

When there was a pause, he leaned toward me. “Do you know Joel?” His voice was low, and his approach was direct.

The question took me by surprise. I wondered if maybe he didn’t want me talking to Joel.

No,” I whispered. “Do you?” That was a stupid retort. Of course Evan knew who Joel was since he referred to him by name.

Evan validated my stupidity and raised his eyebrows as if asking did I really ask him that. “Um… yes. Anyway, I was just wondering.”

Filming continued throughout the afternoon, with Evan growing more flirtatious with me during the touch-ups. I had to admit he made the job enjoyable.

Things finally wrapped up near the end of the day, and we were dismissed to go home. The director had Evan engaged, so I couldn’t say goodbye. I headed to my room with the realization I wouldn’t be back tomorrow.

After gathering my belongings, I approached the door to leave. I was startled to see Evan standing there and could feel my heart skip a beat—whether from surprise or delight, I wasn’t sure.

I just came by to say you did a great job today. And to ask if you had any further subbing lined up this week.” He was attempting to sound casual.

Not yet. I’d love to finish out this movie, though. I had fun with you.” I hoped I didn’t sound too forward.

Evan smiled. “Same. I mean I had fun, too. With you.”

Impulsively, I said, “I have something for you.” I rummaged through my purse, found what I was looking for, and gazing again at Evan, held out my hand. “I’d like you to have this.” I presented him with the pen.

Evan looked pleased. With a broad smile, he took the pen. “Brilliant. I love it.”

Take good care of it,” I advised, as I walked past him.

I turned back and saw Evan standing there, pen in one hand, biting his thumbnail on the other. After giving him one last smile, I continued to Cathi’s office to turn in the key.


How was subbing?” Ty asked. I’d called him around nine.

I did Evan Hutchinson’s makeup today.” I wasn’t sure but hoped I didn’t sound too excited.

Is he the lead or something?”


I see.” Ty doesn’t sound thrilled. “Do you still need my arrival info for Friday night?”

“No, I’ve got it on my calendar.”

“What about the dates for Kelly’s bridal shower and wedding? I’ll want to find airline tickets at a good price soon.”

I’ll have to double check and let you know.”


A second later my phone showed an incoming call from Kathy, whose number I’d just added to my phone today. Maybe she was calling to ask me to sub again tomorrow. The possibility made me smile. Good thing Ty couldn’t see my face.

“Ty, a possible sub job is calling. I need to take it.” He didn’t sound happy with me, but I quickly said goodbye and switched the call.


Rafaella, it’s Kathy Stanley from today. Sorry for calling at this hour. I’ll make this quick. We are offering you a job. Evan Hutchinson’s agent has requested that you be his personal makeup artist.”

I’m sorry—what?” I stammered.

You’ve been requested for the remainder of this film.”

Oh. I was requested?” I’d told Evan I wanted to be on this film. Apparently, he’d set it up so I could be.

This is an incredible opportunity for you. If you decide now to take the position, we’ll get together tomorrow to sign your contract. We can discuss your salary then, but I have no doubt you’ll be very pleased.”

Without hesitation, I replied, “Yes. I’ll take the position. And thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, I sent a text to Ty telling him I’d been hired to finish the movie and provided the dates he’d requested.

I got settled into bed, but thoughts of Evan kept me from falling asleep. Then the reality of my situation hit me. I was going to be Evan Hutchinson’s personal makeup artist…

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