I’m a contemporary romance author whose new book, Edge of Eighteen, is now available for purchase on Amazon for less than the price of a Starbucks and for free with Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime (through Kindle Owners’ Lending Library). Readable on any Kindle or device through the free Kindle app.

Please read the description of the Edge of Eighteen below. And enjoy a preview with Chapter One.

My first book, A Brush With Fame, about a makeup artist who unexpectedly meets and falls for a British-born Hollywood star, is available on Amazon, as well.

At first, Devin was just an innocent summer crush. But then my feelings for him began to deepen. And I realized he was showing interest in me, too. Except Devin isn’t allowed to like me.

My best friend Lauren and I were away at Camp Pines by the Lake before starting college in the fall.

It was exciting when I met Luke on day one, and he was definitely into me. Camp last year wasn’t enjoyable. So, spending the summer with Luke seemed like it could be fun.

Then just like that, who I wanted changed.

You know that moment when you see a guy’s face for the first time and he’s just so beautiful that it takes your breath away? Or what about when your fingers brush against each other’s and you feel tingles? That was all happening to me every time I saw the guy with the longish surfer hair and crystal blue eyes. His name tag finally revealed his name: Devin.

I managed to get some intriguing information about Devin from my cabin counselor. After that, all I’d hoped for were some chances to be around him—so he might get to know me.

It was completely unexpected, yet thrilling, when we got to talk during a terrible rainstorm that’d left us completely alone together. I ended up sharing my feelings about being an adoptee and wanting to find my birth mom. And eventually, I learned of his own troubled past.

The problem is now I like Devin more than I should. And an even bigger issue is that my birthday isn’t until the end of July, which means I’m still seventeen.

*** Edge of Eighteen is a standalone New Adult/YA contemporary romance novel. It is recommended for ages 17+. ***

Edge of Eighteen
cover by Melody Pond


A Brush With Fame
cover by Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. The ending of this chapter got me hooked. I want to know what’s going to happen with Rafaella’s new job with Evan and is her relationship with Ty going to be affected. The story is very similar to other romance novels I read. I really like how the story takes off. I want to know more!

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