We write and read romance…

Welcome! I’ve been writing romantic stories for decades—plotting out conversations my characters might have inside my head, putting together chapters in my Latin notebook during junior high, and these days, typing on my computer for publication. My stories are filled with nice heroes and lovable heroines who deserve to find each other and earn their happily ever after.

…because everybody loves to be in love.

A Brush With Fame book cover
What would you do if you met someone famous… And he wanted you?
Edge of Eighteen book cover
At first, Devin was just an innocent summer crush, but then I realized he was showing interest in me, too—except Devin isn’t allowed to like me.
Heart Wreck book cover
A past tragedy left hearts wrecked. A present encounter creates a chance to love again. What happens when the past and present collide?
Love Act book cover
After a failed marriage, is finding love even possible?
Coming Soon