I’m a contemporary romance author whose first book, A Brush With Fame, is now available on Amazon. Please enjoy Chapter One.

What if by chance you met a famous person? And he wants you.

Rafaella Hamilton, a struggling makeup artist, accepts an offer to sub on a movie set, where she meets the charismatic British lead. Dashing actor Evan Hutchinson, intrigued by Rafaella’s understated beauty and charm, surprises her with a job offer to see if sparks fly.

Full-time proximity leads to full-time attraction. This in turn compels Rafaella to make a love-altering decision enabling her to explore a relationship with Evan.

Love is hard enough under ordinary circumstances, but is Rafaella and Evan’s relationship strong enough to withstand his Hollywood lifestyle, interactions with glamorous co-stars, the tabloids, and over-devoted fans?

When unthinkable tragedy strikes, tests their love, and forces them to make painful choices, will an ultimatum destroy their relationship?

cover by Sweet ‘n Spicy Designs



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. The ending of this chapter got me hooked. I want to know what’s going to happen with Rafaella’s new job with Evan and is her relationship with Ty going to be affected. The story is very similar to other romance novels I read. I really like how the story takes off. I want to know more!

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