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Melinda Hazen has put a very realistic spin on loving, losing and moving on, no matter the outcome, which could only change if two people still wanted it. A sweet romance with a touch of darkness and pain, but isn’t that pretty realistic, too? Want a romance with two “nice” people looking for love and acceptance as they are? This is it!

I really enjoyed getting to know Rafaella and Evan. Their relationship was fun and sexy! The extreme difficulties they faced together made me root for them even more. Everyone at one point or another has daydreamed of falling in love with a celebrity. In, A Brush With Fame, you got a chance to live vicariously through Rafaella and that was a lot of fun!!

Rafaella and Evan’s relationship was so fun to read about! The evolution of their relationship seemed very realistic and relatable even though Evan is a celebrity. It was so refreshing to have a genuinely good and moral love interest for the main character as opposed to the “bad boy” types that are so popular these days. That being said, there wasn’t a dull moment in the book; the author really kept me wanting to turn the page.

This first book is a smash out of the gate. It has an amazing love story with just enough sex to keep it interesting. Rafaella and Evan seem to be an unlikely match but their basic core values show them the way to lasting love. It is a nice romance with a touch of drama. Hope more are coming soon.

  • Rabid Reader, Amazon reviewer

Melinda Hazen’s debut novel is a story of good versus evil. The plot follows Rafaella (an American makeup artist) and Evan (a British movie star living in L.A.) on their life’s journey, which is filled with romantic and playful interactions but also contrasting dark situations. The couple seems to be a perfect match, demonstrating unconditional love, until individual differences get in the way. You’ll want to read A Brush With Fame for the conclusion.

I really enjoyed this quick and easy read with a nice story. There is plenty of dialogue and amusing interplay between Evan and Rafaella, which contributed to the simplicity and fun of the book. I wondered if and how the couple would weather the turbulence they experienced getting to know each other and as their relationship developed. Although there’s some steaminess in the story, there’s no cursing or salacious details. This was refreshing to me in a contemporary romance. Any readers who’ve liked new adult books should really like this story.

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